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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  September 30, 2012 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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the crown session for two presidential hopefuls pulled canada out of the limelight this week and prepping for the first prime-time debates. and makes no sense economically. the debate over capital punishment supporters and opponents way and on proposition 34. we have warm weather and exactly how warmly to the weather and a few minutes. thanks for joining us this morning. a lot of news and talk to cover in our next hour. the debates on for this week's thin with their political insiders the former mayor will the ground to take a look at what's going on behind the
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scenes as we speak. the debate over the death penalty in california is a big decision to be made about that's on the ballot in november with representatives from both sides and we will grow them here in the studio this morning. and campaign 2012 presidential candidates took effect from the campaign trail before their first debate this week. both sun and their running mates about crown states stumping for votes. but other gop vice-presidential nominee paul ryan joined in the ohio state to fall spelling out one of the most crucial state states in this campaign he used on the above ground states to fund the federal deficit and for not approving the economy when democrats controlled congress. we got of us more dead more deficits and more people struggling to find work and no solutions that actually worked.
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we're the vice president's appeal to older voters in another battleground state assuring florida seniors that medicare would be around for future generations. greta the action the president took his actually strengthened the medicare trust fund and exceeded this live up to 2024. president obama and the challenger mitt romney are prepping for their first debate. in practice sessions mitt romney will get help from the ohio senator who will play the role of the president. president obama will look to massachusetts senator kerry to stand in for mitt romney. behind in recent polls some campaign watchers said that mitt romney has more riding on the debates as well as more to gain than the president. " of the challenger has the opportunity to establish is competent to stand up and hold his own against the president of the estates a challenger that accomplishes that and affect wins the first debate. wednesday's debate gives the both the chance to explain their class at plans for the
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health care and the economy. will women will obviously played key role in this election and new polls show the they're more interested in men in issues impacting their pocketbook. and the presidential candidates know what. that's the latest campaign ad for the mitt romney camp a recent news poll shows 51 percent of men favor mitt romney and 54% of a man favor obama. many women voters to focus on closing and mitt romney economic plan. he wouldn't able to relate to me or a single parent or a person that doesn't know where their next dollar is " to come from to pay their bill. i'm looking for to the debates and votes for the mitt romney will be able to articulate with his plans are and like tumor specifics. a lot of women say spending
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in health care the most important issues and they will be listening on wednesday when the debate face-to-face for the first time. the first debate at the top of the agenda on face the nation this morning. we're talking to two top republicans the new jersey governor and the former house speaker newt gingrich. another of look at the so-called swing states on destination at 8 30 right here on cbs 5. today is another spare the air day around the bay area. grit of air quality officials in the air could be unhealthy for a second day in a row to people are advised to reduce driving to up the day and avoid outdoor activities during the hottest part of the afternoon. it coincides with the heat wave. with more now on the warm up with the first look at the weather. it's probably not going to be the apocalypse of weather because we just heard about the
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heat wave for about a week but is that economy that unusual. the temperatures get into the '90s in the and and certainly woman in yesterday and probably peaking on monday but it's not dramatic. 101 in their field and 100 and livermore it's going to get warm. in this city just 75 degrees talking about that and the forecast for all of the bay area when we come to the weather in a few minutes. fire heavily damaged the law office of the vallejo mayor davis is being investigated as arson. police say an that this data by a disgruntled client of either the mayor or his blog partner with its arsonists as the kremlin as the mayor this year. earlier his motorcycle was stolen from city hall. police are looking into the possibility of domestic
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terrorism. because of the high-profile nature of who is involved we're characterizing it as a form of domestic terrorism that way we can bring in subject matter experts such as the fbi to utilize resources that this organization may not have. so far off if you remember the killing of the show prosecutors say that giselle kill the 26 to lustrous in a lot of was that she believed she ruined the relationship with her boyfriend she disappeared from a parking structure from hayward kaiser last may and a body was found months later at a remote area between pleasanton and sonora. governor brown has vetoed a bill that requires agencies to require a court order before disrupting self-service.
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the legislation was targeted at bart. all happening during a planned protest in san francisco. the governor said it could divert attention from a true emergency. there ramping up service in the south bay radish opposite are record high starting tomorrow to nutrients are being added. for others taken down because of budget constraints are also being put back into service. also act is adding new train trips between the tri valley area to san jose and the bus service from san jose to cupertino will have a few stops. tomorrow sent the fiscal enforce a ban on plastic bags that not combustible. it applies to all retail stores and food establishments across the city. there's also attends that charge and any other bags that are
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provided to customers. last year the judge denied a motion to put the new ban on hold. a reminder to all shoppers and san francisco bring your own bags. all eyes in the gulf state as voters take up proposition 34 the death penalty debate. reed of the campaign to make california the fifth state in the nation to abolish the death penalty. also called this guy the next rocket man and ready kicked off ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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the number of american troops killed in afghanistan has now reached the 2000 mark. the u.s. military is confirming the death of a soldier yesterday in a suspected insider attack by half and forces in the eastern part of the country.
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an american civilian contractor was also killed two members of the afghan army died as well. the death toll extends back to the u.s.-led invasion in october of 2001. the third time this week demonstrators were back in spain and venting anger at politicians. upset with the bank about salary increases and cuts to health and education sectors. spain has as yet to ask for help from the european central bank of their unemployment has doubled the european union average. greta pummeling the island now headed toward the japanese mainland with maximum sustained winds of over 1 mi. per hour making it comparable to a category 3 hurricane. if a crisis today and blew out windows and 50 people injured and now more than two minutes 70,000 households are without electricity.
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we do have warmer weather for the bay area today first let's have a quick look out that the numbers as the stand right now mostly in the '50s for the bay area warming near 100 in land and on the shoreline and will remain mild. that's going to change in a near record highs and that's and the headline this morning near when it degrees and then stay with peaky and on monday looking to be very warm today and out the door mostly sunshine still fog and low cloud cover and on the shoreline sunset district is not terribly sunny at sunrise this morning because of the presence of the marine layer it's not going to get hot. record levels will be tough to achieve but high-pressure some of the pacific northwest lacking in the offshore flow.
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we will have warm rains but not when the beast and in the warm close to record highs and the forecasts the records are in like we would get close and may exceed them in a few places but it's not going to be some are changing event. sunshine for much of the day today and if you're headed out of the bay area it's warm in the central valley 99 in sacramento and 102 in fresno. for the bay area san jose in the mid-90s today in the and a word and 80 and fremont. the numbers of wanted degrees in antioch and print would number is wrong. it will be close to about 102 degrees.
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in the north and numbers of and the low 90s of peaky to again tomorrow looking at the extended forecast with monday topping out and 104 in the warmest and the areas and then the fun was day towards the weekend cooling of a back into the mid '80s inland. the november election is one of the issues on the ballot is free sort of a gut check issued this is the death penalty whether california should keep that are joined other states that have voted to repeal it. two of the most closely watched measures on the upcoming ballot. the former prosecutor who helped write the initial lot is now supporting proposition 34 that would ban it. " california spent over $4 billion trying to enforce capital punishment. $4 billion for 13 people. it makes no sense economically.
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there are more than 700 inmates in the california death row so far 57 inmates died from natural causes and 13 people were actually executed. looking at both sides of the issue. great western with the point of view of supporting proposition 34 turning us now is natasha the campaign manager for the yes on 34 campaign. what is the biggest argument or the biggest to arguments for repealing the death penalty in california. proposition 34 will replace the death penalty is life in prison without the possibility of parole and also requires ever person convicted of murder to work in prison and pay restitution to the victims' families. right now death row inmates set and private selves watching television talking to the lawyers proposition 34% into it and puts them to work and also saving the taxpayers $130 million every year for many years to come. greta money normally spent on
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appeals greta money spent on trials and appeals and on death row housing. cuban people in the single cells on death row is not for expensive and putting them in the general prison population. every aspect of death for housing is more expensive including health care we give to them. people are more likely to die of natural causes on death row in be executed. we could save an enormous amount of money by ending death for housing and putting the prisoners and to the general prison population. and the money received from ending the expensive process that only needed in death penalty cases. one of the disturbing things for a lot of people it would be applied retroactively to people already serving a man already sentenced to death suddenly there would no longer be facing that punishment. so what to say to the crime victims to its say i don't want the punishment softened on the person that perpetrated this
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against my loved one. carruthers hundreds of members of support proposition 34 and could impede what happened to the death penalty trials themselves and many of those individuals are actively supporting it because they're tired of the allies. in california with only executed 1% of the people we sentenced to death at his california death penalty is a false promise for victims of 99% to the time we have liked to victims and december corn to carry out an execution and all we've done is draft of decades of appeals that's why hundreds of victims supported because they think it's better for the victims. on the measure this is a the first time voters have been asked to decide this would actually it is this is the first of voters have the chance to replace the death penalty with life in prison without possibility of parole. they've never been given the option before. but the idea of a limited in the death sentences never been presented to voters.
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in the past arguments of ben the question of the death penalty more open now money to what triggered the change in the tactics. but the voters never been given the chance to replace the death penalty they've been asked to they want to bring back the death penalty or to they want to expand the death penalty or asked to vote on judges to take positions on the death penalty. this is the first time ever voters are given the trust between the death penalty and life in prison without possibility of parole bill is also important to note many people support proposition 34 because it means whenever execute innocent person in california and just don't try the state of louisiana freedman from death row after 15 years on death row after dna evidence proved u.s. innocent. on this latest poll out showing statistical tie in this case 45 people for for percent of people want to keep capital punishment for it to present
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when tabanid and that's well within the poll's margin of error with 13 percent undecided so how is your campaign going to convince that 13 percent. for a lot of people it's a gut check issue an issue of morals and how do you get to that. our mission is to get to the 13% of undecided voters and to explain to them the facts to the understand what the initiative does not to make convicted killers work and pay restitution and keeps them in prison for ever and to the die and saves money and protect innocent people from being executed. when it would it actually does those voters move in our direction so we're very confident that are going to win this election back in a message to the voters and bring to the voters the voices of the victims and the prosecutors and people like don that tried to get california death penalty work and now realize his life without parole is a better actress for everyone.
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" a supporter for the no campaign will join this next half-hour in the meantime thanks for join us this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at the jet pack guy is back at it again. he flew all way from newport beach to catalina island the
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trip took him four hours to complete. but he did set a new world record and on the made the jet pack sucking water shooting it out again propelling him up into the air some gets called flying any reached speeds of 12 mi. per hour went to ride his destination he took a victory lap around the bay. a north bait chef start with a simple request to teenager how to cook. but the idea has boiled over into a unique meals program the bishops said in saving lives. integers in us to this week's to jefferson award winner. the fog that the sec kitchen of this nonprofit must be beautiful delicious and nourishing. if these people were fighting
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for the lives. greta there's nothing more powerful than eating this way and realizing that you actually feel better. she is founder and executive director of this committee project the fibrils nine nonprofit delivers healthy organic mills to 80 patients and families better life-threatening illnesses. delivering free meals every week in sonoma and marin counties she's been diagnosed with a terminal case of leukemia but she says the meals have kept her alive caitiff the food business and yes it is in you or vegetables and you learn how to a higher quality of food. the idea for a group after kaplan the krutch teacher friend's daughter how to cook six years ago. they made meals for three families dealing with serious illnesses. the experiment produced the perfect ingredients for this.
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became of the simple idea that kids of the kitchen and cook for people that are sec. today it has its own kitchen and served 900 families 130,000 meals. hundreds of adult volunteers delivered meals and oversee 250 young chefs but it's the teenagers that do the cooking using food from the garden and local donations. the 15 year-old and has discovered that she can make a difference. i can do something that i love that i can also help so it's really great. she's fighting ovarian cancer st. catherine and their team don't just to the nourishing food but also encouraging knows that feed her soul. i took this deeply into my heart and that's my new motto everything is possible. kitten now sharing a recipe with someone on profits across the nation. " our deepest longings as human
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beings is to feel like a live smatter and that we're cared for and that we care for others and it's one they still of that. for providing healthy meals for hundreds of adult patients and their families this week's jefferson award in the bay area coast to kathryn kept. nominate your local hero for jefferson award online at cbs san francisco dot com. coming up the next half-hour we are taking a look at the other side of the hot-button issue in the november ballot a measure calling on california to eliminate capital punishment. and may be another counties can't scandal and football involving kids. the prime-time debates that may be a verbal slugfest for the presidential candidates with their p
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that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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make sure the birth they're protected. more bay area had planned a suspicious fire and the late investigators retrieving the fire at the law office of the mayor davises possible arson.
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police are raising the possibility of domestic terrorism doing that to bring in federal resources. at this point they're neither confirming whether to draw the suspect a mass shooting in oakland will be back in court. appearing in a pretrial hearing accused of killing seven people at the university in april. he has pleaded not guilty and if he's convicted he could face the death penalty. the nobel peace prize winner simply known as the lady which is a lot easier to say in san francisco yesterday speaking to a packed house. this is what i think is most precious about the city. that your open hearted and open- minded. this was the political prisoner turned parliamentarians first visit to the united states since 1971 the bay area is home to 8500 burmese americans one of
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the largest communities in the country. she was my hero for all of my life so i am so proud to be burmese. what and asylum in speaker out not just for certain groups of people. some order to rally urging to do more to protect all minorities she's headed to los angeles next. she was just so down to earth from all that she has been she was an amazing speaker. will move down to los angeles for are rare sight. the 45 with no traffic. it's all for the so-called armageddon for it. a live look at the 45. the improvement project has a 10 mi. stretch of the 45 shut down until 5:00 tomorrow morning.
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the debate over california's death penalty the groups that say the need is for the sake of public safety with the district attorney joining us next. the big turnout for the bay area tradition or thousands of people should of for the annual walk to end all timers. talking about the first presidential debate advice for both candidates from our politi
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good morning. starting out chilly and santa rosa and the,,,,,,,,
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11 minutes after an o'clock with her of the stuff in pro sports but now warner has suspended the coach of southern california over alleged bounty scandal. grit of a former assistant coach says other coaches on the team offered the boys $20 if they make the kit. the orange county register has
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been described in the budget program that the head coach crawford called the claims nonsense. the local conference found the claims to be unfounded the last week a national organization stepdance suspending crawford and the locally president launch in their own investigation. the former gov. arnold's were to interfere with his housekeeper was the first time that he strayed. in his book he admits to having a " hot a fair with actress brigitte nielsen. there co-starring back in 1985 and he was with maria at the time. facing tough questions on 60 minutes in an episode airing tonight. so you liked her. you can say that. should give up her television career for you was this just the most unbelievable act of betrayal? i think it was the
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stupidest thing i've done and the whole relationship it was terrible and i inflicted tremendous pain on the rea and unbelievable pain on the kids. his new memoir total recall comes out tomorrow to the full 60 minutes interview tonight at 7:00 here on cbs 5. i think it will be interesting for all women out there that have been scorned. let's take a look at the weather. will the numbers this morning mostly in the '50s a little chilly in some spots and we will be looking for things to hit near record highs today. first outside showing you that we finally have sunshine the cover and san francisco with low cloud cover off of the short but that moderate the temperature.
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as long as we have a look at cover off of the golden gate it will get warm is not going to get into the stratosphere. sunshine for us this sunday and as you can see in the future cast a model of how the atmosphere should be paid as low, cover acting as a little bit of a the pacific air- conditioner to keep this on the mild side. unless you're in a riding with one added and three degrees. if you're really headed out sunny and warm at san francisco airport-and '80s looking for los angeles to be sunny and chicago sun cloud cover for tomorrow and york city have sunshine and 72 degrees. the bay area and numbers will be warming the south bay mid-90s today and over and east bay looking for when degrees and
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antioch and will have to in brentwood. mid-90s for much of the far east trade. at that petaluma 95 and 92 at sonoma. a look ahead for going to peak on monday with temperatures and brought with islamist to get and then on tuesday and wednesday we will begin to cool down and by the end of the week we will be back into the mid '80s inland. that topics for the weather. at another recollection polls show that we may be seeing a shift among californians when it comes to the death putty. voters will have the final sale of proposition 34 calling the and of capital punishment the latest poll showing a statistical tie the ballot measure a 45% 20 to keep it and 42% went to bandits within the margin of error and the 13 percent undecided as a lot at stake turning now to beat opponents of proposition 34.
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greater turn this now good morning. what is the argument for keeping it? the argument before is costly and not a deterrent and more questions why keep it. grit of those three reasons you just stated one of them is what people should be voted on the third one. whether on not is the right punishment whether it is moral or religious if people don't believe it is they should vote against it if they believe it is in californians traditionally have so done-the test and the slots to the issue off the instead they try to turn it into the first two things fifth of the one it's not determine if deterrence and defense to argue and no city can be fun to say whether it is a deterrent because the people that are deterred are not coming for to tell us it's clearly not of the wicked ever know 3/5 and the first practice saving of the money it's an empty argument. there has been three separate independent studies done on how much money would be saved.
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the very $85 million between the top one and the lowest one simply not based on reality. boaters should not vote on that basis. quitter you want to see the death penalty carried out since the voters should make that choice for themselves. the problem is it's not going on right now nobody has been executed in years and the whole process is frozen and if it's not going on when not get rid of it. " that sort of like saying for all those years the foreigners were lousy team motion of dennis try to improve the image of disclose the team down. i don't have the pessimism that many do with the weakened fix it. i think we can if we have leadership if we ever political leaders that truly say the voters of spoken now let's go fix it because i believe it can be done. i do believe that if there's the political will to five leaders will step up and do the right thing and work with everybody on
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all sides and say here's what can be done to make this better than we can have a viable death penalty. critic does sound a little idealistically our leaders in the state with its governor brown or the attorney general to bring views in the death daunting. paris to knock the for the death penalty issue is district attorney of san francisco as governor she's trying to be more neutral about it but how does that play into carrying out the death penalty in california? our problem is that the people opposed to it including both people on the defense side and judges and some political have been successful in these delays it doesn't have to access their plenty of state and i'm not just talking the southern states the states like ohio that have been successful in moving it along. but it can be done.
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what is wrong with the idea of life without parole this would replace it with life without possibility of parole saw was that not acceptable. offer two reasons number one fan is to be in our society some distinction between people who commit more evil murders than others. the example summit and it breaks into a home and stabs a resident to death during the course of it is eligible for life without parole or death or shouldn't there be a distinction between that person of semitic timothy that killed over 2 minutes 50 people a thick as a society that should be. to prosecutors make that distinction because are there people on death row that should not be there the crime doesn't fit. that is a judgment at the behest of the cats. i don't believe so i think what i read the cases of the people on death row it's stunning and
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the evil that are looking at. in less than 2 percent of the people eligible for this are on death row so it really has been in my mind particularly in the last in years in the state been reserved for the most able people in this state. there are some critics the say- like you just want to keep the death penalty around because it's a father and a cap with a conviction rate of the stage i'm not even in the d.a.'s office for the five years and i'm not looking for anything else of looking for those family members like to years ago that the families can feel that there's justice in our society. the district attorney for san mateo county thanks for joining us. ,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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thousands people incentives to a part of it walk to and all timers this week and part of a nationwide fund-raising trips part of protecting walks in northern california the money raised used for care support and research. it began and ended at mission creek park and took place along the waterfront. 60 million people experts to determine the first presidential debate on wednesday night and some say it will be a slugfest. a number of those voters of all women at the mine's one way or another and that's i've returned to the former mayor of this emphasis will chronicle in the first question is a given that polls in such today's debates even matter? absolutely i suspect mitt romney is relying on the debates to be his strongest when you're in this campaign is your three or four shots this is one of the shots. and it's one of the last shot and i expected to come out
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swinging with asea have to lose his behind the polls he has to show us he is tough and strong enough to stand up to the president of the united states. this is the roh mitt romney. chris evans could come out swinging it would be your advice what is your advice for the president? don't let them leg glove and you keep moving around dance. greta wind that reinforced the image of obama the toxins of things everyone if your dancing and planning as to dance a few left and right chavis keeping them from ever touching new the new not in trouble. where is the vulnerability is this debate about the economy mitt romney has to
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expand his health care has to say this weekend at the said that he was the guy that if health care to kids he's been gone both ways on mitt romney care which is the birth of obama care. you're correct to talk about this being the economy. if mitt romney is on his job he will start with mr. president your representative the misrepresented to the people and will stand with that talent all the way and that will get obama her office tauruses and you have to come in and if he comes and it will be a slugfest. what is it likely not going to hear? as a brake on the staff to subtexts. if i am obama of taking to the middle east with me to meet osama bin laden. coming up one more look at this once top stories included
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why the the layout of stories may be looking for,,,,,,
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welcome back. taking a look at this once top stories was an act of arson the question that investigators returned to iraq as the extent of fire at the law offices of the mayor. authorities reportedly are asking for federal help in the investigation. air quality officials are warning about a dirty air around the bay area it's a spare the air day people are urged to drive less and stay inside during the hardest part of the afternoon. talking to managers in gov. chris christina former house speaker on destination today critter for us the news continues on the c. w. network with another look at the state of the economy and a closer look
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at the jobs growth in california with an expert from st. mary's college of channel 44. in the meantime one last look at the weather. as you look at it looks pretty warm today with temperatures near 100 degrees and if you look at the extended forecast a definitive break your going to have to wait to wednesday with near record highs of and that's nothing to many of those off as one day around the bay area. i want to thank everybody for joining us face the nation this next on cbs 5 enjoyed your sunday. off
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